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También doy clases de baile para aquellos interesados en aprender, mejorar y montar coreografías.

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Clases particulares de baile urbano. Doy clases particulares de bailes urbanos como: Si te interesa obtener habilidad de baile e Publica un anuncio gratuito para que los profesores se pongan en contacto contigo. Síguenos en. Profesores particulares Academias y centros. Profesor titulado de bailes latinos Tenerife Baile: Aprende a bailar en poco tiempo salsa, bachata, kizomba Tenerife Baile: Bachata, Kizomba Te gustaría aprender a bailar? Academias de peluquería Autoescuelas Centro de enseñanza Centro de estudio academia Centros de educación infantil Centros de estudios Centros de formación Centros privados de educación infantil Centros privados de formación profesional Clases de baile Clases de ingles 4.

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Colegio de educación especial 6. Colegio internado femenino 6.

Colegio mayor 3. Colegio oficial Colegios concertados 7. Colegios privados Conservatorios 2. Curso de baile Curso de corte y confección 2. Cursos a distancia Cursos contabilidad 1.

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Cursos formación Cursos gratuitos Danza Enseñanza Enseñanza y formación Escuela de danza Escuela infantil privada Escuela oficial de idiomas 9. Escuelas baile Escuelas de hostelería 6. Escuelas de idiomas Escuelas de ingles Escuelas infantiles Facultad Forcem 1. Formación profesional Guardería 24 horas 2.

Guardería infantil Guardería privada Guarderías Idiomas Inglés 6. Instituto de enseñanza Institutos de educación secundaria Institutos de formación profesional Internados 6.

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Jardín de infancia Material escolar Ministerio de educación cultura y deporte 4. Profesores Profesores particulares Residencia universitaria 8. Residencias de estudiantes 8. For the success of the project, the organisation tries to offer an equal number of men and women.

No, the flight is not included. The participants will arrive from different places and everyone will organise his travel the way he prefers. However we offer our experience to help you choose the best flight. The alternative is to take buses, which connect very well between the main towns during day and night.

The residence offers a full service: Near the residence there is a small, quiet sandy beach with access to the sea, and a nice walk to the cliff. There are different beaches near the promenades, and others in more secluded and remote areas. You can walk, do boat excursions.

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There are also many diving centres, and sports on offer. In the charming village of Las Galletas there is a small, traditional port, a pedestrian zone full of local life, shops, bars and restaurants. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use Google Maps. However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser.


To view Google Maps, enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, and then try again. Tenerife is a volcanic island, with impressive landscapes each very different from the other, because it is a land with a microclimate: The ocean is clean, the sky and the air are clear and bright and the weather is one of the best in the world: It is always possible to sunbathe and swim all the year round!

Tenerife is an island worth a visit for many reasons: